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Founding Minutes of Federation: 1940
Federation Minutes of 7/11/48, 3/30/52, 5/4/54
Federation Minutes: 1958 to present

Finger Lakes Philatelist, official organ of FCNYPS
Federation News & Stuff (lists Federation meeting notices)
Federation Newsletters (to present)

Federation auction listings: 10/14/56, 1957, 1959

Federation Material
Medals 1940-41
Awards 1943
Exhibition certificates 1952
Badges 1953, 1957
Show program 1970's
Various yearbooks and directories

NuAce Cover Albums (17), each contain approximately 125 covers

Club Information
Albion Philatelic Society Banquet menu on back of seals
Albany Times-Union Stampeders' Club Swap Book
Buffalo Stamp Club data
Cobbleskill exhibitor badge 1940-41
Sandy Creek data 1953
Schenectady Stamp Club autographed banquet menu, other data
Syracuse Stamp Club photos
Additional folders of various clubs

Banquet menus
Photos of exhibitions, picnics, and banquets
Scrapbook and news clippings

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